Something sinister is stirring in the Ginivan galaxy.
The Annake of Elera are infected with a stranger disease. Shards of the all-powerfull Fire Amulet are found in the hands of enemies. The galaxy's most celebrated hero and scientist is missing. Who can rise up to save and protect the galaxy?

Enter the explosive world of Chemistry and discover its amazing concepts through Theos and his friends. Join them as they try to neutralise enemies, locate and save the hero Tarque, and protect the rest of the Ginivan race. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Starfall Catalyst



An old, mad-looking scientist working hard in the laboratories of Eiera. Don't let his looks deceive you. Arches is a solid pillar of knowledge for Theos and his companions. He is also a loyal friend to their leader Tarque.


Highly-intelligent but a bit arrogant and brash. Kryx uses his strength as a weapon and is not afraid to start a fight. Working side by side with the scientists of Eira. Kryx conducts questionable experiments in the name of science.


Young, idealistic and adventurous, Theos is a member of the Ginivan Space Cadet. He patrols the far reaches of the galaxy, always on the look out for any hint of danger and ready to respond to calls for help. Like any Ginivan, Theos grew up fascinated with stories about the legendary Fire Amulet and idolizing the hero of the galaxy, Tarque.


Smart, straightforward and independent, Faye is one of the lead engineers in Eira. She is able to create ammunition on the go for every trickly situation. She may look cute and weak, but that giant wrench of hers is useful in fixing the ship and knocking out enemies.


A lovable, flying creature that accompanies Theos in patrolling the galaxy. Oya is naturally happy and carefree even if, perhaps, a little too naive. His heavy tail is useful in the dark but his full abilities are still unknown.


Hailed as one of the brightest minds and the hero of the galaxy. Tarque has carved a name for himself by reviving a dying sun and saving everyone from disaster. He is one of the creators of the Fire Amulet used to revive the dying sun. Humble and kind. Tarque usually prefers to research in peace with fellow scientists.